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milligrxms asked: You're such a nice person, I always see you helping out followers or responding really nicely to asks and it's really cool that there are people like that in the world. Have an awesome day/night!

Hey, thank you very much. it really doesn’t bother me doing it. is just a little thing. i’m glad it help people and stuff i guess. so thank you. hope you have an awesome day and week too!

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Anónimo asked: I find it funny how on youtube, say for an example creep by radiohead, he says the fucking well there's so many censored versions of the songs and all but take an arctic monkeys song hmmm say hellcat spangled shalalala , there's literally no censored version of the song when he says 'sing another fucking shalalala' IDK. I find it funny cuz with the f word in some of there songs, I've never found not one censored version of there songs. Haha just being observant.

Yeah yeah i understand you. i guess that depends on how famous or commercial a song is. if i make a video of a song i just made and i said the words fuck 50 times. no one will give a shit. i mean, im not saying anyone gives a shit about AM obviously. but you get me. maybe if do i wanna know had a fucking in some verse it would had a censored version. maybe.

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Anónimo asked: I've tried listening to sooooo many bands and I end up not liking them like the only bands I really geniuely like are arctic monkeys, the strokes, the killers & the drowners. I've tried pixies, oasis, nirvana, and SOOO many others!!! I've tried lots of olderish bands but I can't come to like any really. :/ Im 14 maybe that's why ?? I seem to like the more modern music (figures, right?) so what are some really good bands like arctic monkeys etc. These days? (:

You didn’t liked Oasis and Nirvana? GOD. that breaks my heart hahaha but yeah maybe someday you will. dont worry. you have a million of years to listen to them in the future and who knows maybe one day you are gonna find the thing about them. and yeah i don’t think your age is actually relevant. you can know or like loads of bands anyway. it doest really matter. and hmmm okay apart from the strokes and the killers well hmm Kasabian, The black keys, the vaccines, jake bugg, the libertines, the stone roses, queens of the stone age, franz ferdinand and yeah there’s loads of bands but those are the one kinda similar to the same genre than AM. hope you like them!

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Anónimo asked: hi Chris hope you have a great day!! x

Hi there. i had a nice day, thanks. i hope you had a nice one as well bb xx

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Anónimo asked: what are your favorite Interpol songs? Also do you like arcade fire or LCD soundsystem?

hmm maybe Evil or rest my chemistry or obstacle 1. and yeah i really really love arcade fire and i like a few LCD soundsytem songs but i never pay much attention to that band.

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Anónimo asked: I have to burn my own mixes of arctic monkeys like certain songs to listen in the car with my mom Bc some of the songs are kinda dirty but it's sad because like my faves hellcat & reckless serenade & this house is a circus, CUZ the f word and I don't mind the f word I just get uncomfortable CUZ my mom and im idk really. LOL

Hahah really? that sucks. you should be able to listen to those songs. i curse in front of my mum all the time tbh hahaha. she doesn’t mind that much.

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whothefuckarevw asked: what was your first impression of the humbug booklet when you saw it for the first time?

Ohh that was years ago. i can’t even remember that, you know? hmm i remember i was quite pleased by the fact they finally put the lyrics there. bc the previous one didn’t had them. and yeah, i like it. i like the weird pics on it, i think.

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Anónimo asked: youre such a sweetie. thank you for the virtual hug!

Aww thank you. and no problem. stay safe!

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