lifeasleep asked: the tickets sale for the gig in Rio de Janeiro have started today and it is sold out already I'm shocked!

really? shit that’s fucked up. sorry to hear that. if it was sold out in a day they should add a second date there or something.

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Reporter: Excuse me. I don’t wish to disturb you, as I see you are eating, but I was wondering, what do you see yourselves doing in, say, five years time?
George: Still eating.


Me and Miles became quite good friends since we met and we kind of had that friendship before it occurred to us to do an album together. But people used to say “Oh, when you two do your record…”

-Alex Turner, The Last Shadow Puppets (x)


@ Jacobs Pavilion , Cleveland , 22.06.2014.

fuck-yeah-indie-life asked: Omg you look literally like Al!😱🙏

Hahaha wow thanks a lot. but i wish. no way haha. thanks :)

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superdopeurl asked: Well then you should post a picture of the mug without your hands covering it ;D

Hahaha yeah, maybe next time. totally.

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10 years of Alex Turner

Okay so for some rason last night around 3 am i thought it was a good idea to take a selfie of me drinking my tea. i think it was to show you guys my mug, but it doesn’t make sense bc my hands are covering the mug almost entirely so yeah.

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I’m quite happy with ‘Arabella’ on the new record. Lyrically. Well, all around, really, no disrespect to you guys. But I just think the words on there are… [shrugs] alright?

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