allyourstoriesarestale asked: Chris do u know the ladt gifset i reblog from where????

Yeah, i think this one nora!

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Arctic Monkeys - AM (Music Videos)

Anónimo asked: how would you do danielle?

Hahahaha. naah. i wont go that way. i have tons of thoughts about that. but ill keep them in me head. where they belong.

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Anónimo asked: aw why does matt live in nyc now??? :( when did he move there? and do they visit eachother and stuff like that?? and when they all used to live in la did they live all in diff houses or something or like idk haha

I don’t know most of this questions and even if i knew them i dont really want to talk about it. i was reluctact already to talk about where they live and stuff so yeah. i don’t feel comfortable talking about some of their private life things. sorry :/

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Anónimo asked: chris u are very naughty i see ur tags

LET ME BE haha.

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Miles Kane @ the Burberry London Collections, 17.06.2012

Anónimo asked: oh my god you're so attractive i can't breathe

Thanks soo much. you are going to make me blush, stop it ha.

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Anónimo asked: ive never listened to amy whinehouse er, idk if thats how you spell her last name or whatever, haha. so what are some good songs to start listening to??

Hmm like You know i’m no good, Rehab, Love is a losing game, Back to black, Tears dry on their own, etc.

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Anónimo asked: wait do matt and jamie and nick all live in LA to? or just alex?

Alex, Nick and Jamie lives there. Matt used to live there too but he lives in NYC now.

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Anónimo asked: Why do you think Alex wanted to go to la and not sheff like the others? I mean it's cool but he looks all alone in la and that makes me sad :( I just hope he's alright and in good company!

Hmm im sure he’s okay in LA. he has loads of friends there too. im sure he’s not alone haha. and after all his home is there.

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Anónimo asked: Nunca antes te había hablado pero por la manera en la que respondes a los asks me caes bien, y amo tu blog. Eso, ojalá hayas tenido un buen día (:

Bueno, siempre hay una primera vez para todo. muchas gracias. hago lo que puedo jaja. y bueno, lo tuve. gracias. lo mismo para vos :)

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