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Reflektor // Arcade Fire

Reading and Leeds Festival, UK - 2014

Anónimo asked: Since you mentioned you were studying, how do you do it??! Omg, it's so imposible to me, I can't focus at all.

Just read the fucking books lady! haha.

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Anónimo asked: is it weird that i dont know you but i sometimes wonder how you're doing? like if youre okay and healthy, i hope you are btw

Noo. That’s not weird at all. that’s soo sweet in fact. wow. thanks for that. and yeah, im okay, kinda!

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Anónimo asked: idk but for some reason i like the fact that you picked danielle out of the haim sisters to be ur crush what is it about her that made her stand out to you?

Ohh i see. that’s cool. and idk. i think she’s the prettiest one. and the more cute and adorable. and i love the way she dress and look. and mainly i love that she’s the most quiet and chill of all of them. and she’s so talented, like musically wise. she’s perfect.

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Anónimo asked: tumblr and specifically am is going to be the death of me bc ive been sat here for like 2 hours trying to do an assignment but i just cant focus uni is gonna kick my ass this semester :((((

Hahaha SAME. but try to put tumblr down for a bit. just log off or something. you can still listen to AM while studying but read for the love of god haha.

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But she is on my mind

The Zanzibar, Liverpool - 16th May 2013 [x]

Anónimo asked: I SAW THE ARCTIC MONKEYS LAST NIGHT!! it's something i've been waiting to do for 7 years. and it was WELL WORTH standing in a festival crowd for 10 hours beforehand to get close. and they played so many amazing old songs (my propeller, don't sit down, dancing shoes, florescent adolescent) and it was one of the best nights of my life!!!!

7 years? wow that’s such a long time. its weird that been from canada you couldn’t see them before. but about time. good. congratulations :)

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Anónimo asked: If I ever meet you in person Im gonna ask for a hug and if you say yes, I'll steal a cheek kiss

Awww hahaha okay. i’ll give you a hug. i don’t mind.

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Anónimo asked: hey :/

Hey :/

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Sonic Boom, Edmonton, 30.08.2014

Anónimo asked: aww chris your tags of danielle are so adorable, too bad I dont look like her, but you're such a cutie

Hahaha well, thanks a lot. she’s so cute and perfect. i can’t help myself.

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