Anónimo asked: you're so beautiful and loves arctic monkeys. I wish I lived closer to you

ohh wow thanks. i wish it too sigh.

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dont-be-a-crackwhore asked: damn homeboys getting so many compliments today tell me your secret ;) haha xx

Hahaah the secret is not do anything and wait magically that they compliment you for no reason.

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lmao damn it looks like he’s bustin out some rhymes

"People think I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s just the way me face falls."
nowfuckmealexturner asked: Hey chris no sabras asi por casualidad el link de la entrevista de arctic monkeys en la boite a questions ?

hmmm no, la pagina de canal plus de francia la borro hace años ugh.

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Anónimo asked: CHRIS try a quiff


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Anónimo asked: Hey Chris I think you're very smart and you have an excellent music taste and very handsome, I hope you feel better tonight (and fuck off your haters).

ohh thanks a lot, that made my feel better, indeed. thanks :)

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Anónimo asked: I love you

I love you too bb ♥

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Anónimo asked: bue tenés bocha de fanss

Jajaja naa, son las mismas que se repiten(?

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Anónimo asked: Those other people are crazy you look like Alex turner without a quiff (so super attractive x10)

Noo alex turner is a god of beauty haha. but thanks i would accept this comment. thank you :)

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