Leave before the lights come on seriously never fails to make me feel so nostalgic, idk what secret powers that song has, but always.

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"How has V Festival been for you so far?"

Anónimo asked: 50 Cent! what was ur favorite song? In Da Club? :P

Yeah, actually that one its my fav hahaha SO TYPICAL, not sorry.

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Anónimo asked: jejeje yo también, me quedo surfeando la internet porque mañana no me tengo que levantar temprano. VIVA LA PEPA

surfeando jajaja. okay buenisimo. que disfrutes tu miercoles salvaje.

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The original Lyric script of Leave Before The Light Come On.

Anónimo asked: hasta cuando tienes vacaciones?

Principios de Agosto!

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Alex Turner + doing that incredibly hot hair flip thing

Anónimo asked: i have some friends who are just so horribly mean and i dont know what to do. they pick on this girl anna because one of them doesnt like her. one of them posted a "rap" on facebook calling her a slutty whale and horrible things like that. ive told them that its not cool and ive tried to get them to be a little nicer but theyve both verbally attacked me when i did. i dont know what to do. theyre very supportive and understanding an kind to me, but i dont wanna be friends with them. what do i do?

Well you know how they said that if a guy is sweet and kind with you but rude to his waiter he’s not a good guy? well i guess its the same here. just because they are good with you doesn’t mean they are good friends or good persons. personally i would feel to uncomfortable to be related to those kind of people. having toxic people involved in your life is never good. but yeah they are your friends, is your choice. do what its best for you and what do you really want. good luck!

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Anónimo asked: besides Drake, is there any other hiphop or rap you listen to??

A bit of Jay Z, Kanye West, Outkast and 50 Cent i think?

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Anónimo asked: I'd love to know what you'd like to do with your future girlfriend, but if you dont feel confortable answering this its okay. I love your blog so much!

I’m not sure really. i would like to do everything with my future girlfriend. from waking up together in the morning, till having breakfast together and go for a walk, watch television, listen to music, eating dinner, going to the cinema, and going to sleep together at night. just do everything with the person i love by my side. i guess. idk. and thanks!

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Anónimo asked: just going to bed now thinking about how cute you are and hoping you'll appear in some of my dreams, have a good night chris

awww thank you soo much, and if it makes you happy then i hope so. have a nice sleep and goodnight bb :)

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Alex Turner by Dave Lichterman

You don’t understand how much i love The Stone Roses.

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