Anónimo asked: Chris I've been taking to this guy on tumblr and I really like him and it seems like he likes talking to me but he's never asked what my name was and it doesnt say it on my blog, that means he's not that interested, right?

No, i don’t think so. i talk to a lot of people here and sometimes i forget to ask for names too haha idk. is not big thing. maybe he just don’t realize it.

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Anónimo asked: Is there a blog you would never follow or reblog from?


Because that blog literally stole everything for me. like how that blog looks now is EXACTLY how mine looked a couple of years ago. like they literally go throught my post and edit i made in the past and they are reposting them one by one. INCREDIBLE.

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Anónimo asked: Chris chris! I found danielle's facebook, but it's really her, i found some alex chung's friends facebook profiles and i was just looking who do they have as friend and i found her. I'll send you a link, don't publish this or the link if you don't want to:)))

Okay, send me a link pls i won’t publish it :)

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myheavensoul asked: You are so fucking amazing.

Thanks soo much :)

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Anónimo asked: Chris! Si voy a y concierto y quiero el setlist, como le Hago para conseguirlo?

Andate a la primera fila donde estan las vallas y espera ahi. generalmente los tiran cuando termina el reci a los fans de las vallas. A veces los pueden regalar a la salida tambien pero eso es menos probable.

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Anónimo asked: I had a freakin dream last night that I was sexting with you like wtf?? I mean I really like your blog but it's bc I like AM, I'm not one of those thirsty fangirls that message you so often YET I HAD THIS DREAM?? like what is my mind doing omg

You clearly fancy me, but you don’t want to accept it ;) haha jk.

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When you know who’s calling even though the number is blocked
When you walked around your house wearing my sky blue Lacoste
And your knee socks

Anónimo asked: submarine is my favourite film it's a+++

Oh okay, i’m glad you liked it. That’s cool.

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Anónimo asked: Chis do you drive? and have a car? I imagine you driving and singing in the car haha

No, i don’t know how to drive sadly ugh.

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Anónimo asked: I just had the most amazing afternoon daydreaming about you, but I know you dont like sex messages so Im just gonna say it was amazing

I never said i didn’t liked them, i just said that i didn’t take them that serious haha that’s all. and well thanks a lot, it does sound fun.

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t h e m e