Anónimo asked: Argentina is lucky to have you !

pff yeah sure ha. thanks.

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and i can’t help but feel that i’ve made some mistake
but i let it go

Hard Rock Live, Orlando, 31.01.2014

Anónimo asked: I hope so! 'Till now i've always met people who made me more insecure about myself! Anyways, i don't want to bore you with my problems ahah. Here in Italy it's 3 am and i felt lonely but your blog for some reason cheered me up! It always does! Thank you Chris!

ohh that sucks, sad to hear that. but yeah everything would be allright hopefully. well im glad it made you feel that. that’s great. thank you :)

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Anónimo asked: can you survive a day without listening to arctic monkeys? and is there a song you have to hear err day? (:

yeah i can haha. i usually listen to the daily but if im away from home or too busy i can spend a few days without listen to them. and same with songs.

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→ favourite am tour posters
Anónimo asked: I live in Italy :(

Ha told you. sigh. you would fine a pretty cool guy there tho dont worry. i’m sure :)

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Anónimo asked: We have too much things in common! I'm like... the female version of you :/

ohh really? thats so cool, i’m glad haha. i bet u live in the other part of the world tho.

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Anónimo asked: do you think Alex actually forgot the lyrics to 505? i personally think he did it just as a part of the whole "putting on a show" thing. i mean, they've been playing it for years, i don't really see that happening. what is your opinion?

Hahaha what? noo i dont think he faked it. he was just too drunk i guess or distracted. he had said before that most of the times when he’s on stage he’s trying to remember the fucking words of the songs. so yeah. he’s very controlling and perfectionist to pretend that. and those incidents with lyrics have happened to him a few times already in his career.

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A cock.

from this interview

gidragoni asked: hi !! How are you ?

Hi. i’m allright i think. just listen to am b sides. you?

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Anónimo asked: algún integrante de la banda tiene instagram? vos tenes instagram?

Matt tiene un instagram publico compartido con el tour manager. Aca. Y yo no tengo.

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t h e m e